Between body and spirit by Nik & Alexandra
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Between body and spirit

October 15, 2019

One of our shots which was a little bit horrible to take... Very strong wind, nothing visible further 15 meters, cold and moist air covered the camera with drops of water and forcing to shiver from cold. And nobody there around - only constant whistle of wind and desire to finish shooting quicker and to run back. We hope this photo will cause in you similar emotions...

16 · f/7.1 · ISO 100
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Chris Jablonski's picture

Love this one! Very moody and sombre, although for what it's worth I wouldn't have guessed it was windy. Still it does evoke the mood you describe. You two make some fine images in varied styles, with some excellent compositions in particular. I always look forward to your posts!

Nik & Alexandra's picture

Thank a lot Chris for your comment! It's very pleasant. Yeah, you're right about wind... But believe me it was there :)))