My muse Illyria Okami channeling her inner angel. Wearing armor by Mytholon (yes there is rust, yes I intended for this), a halo by Honey & Ember, wings from Alixpress.

Edited in Capture One Pro & Adobe Photoshop
Shot with a Canon Belgium 5D mark III with a 50mm 1.4 against a black Colorama backdrop from Kamera Express

50mm · f/3.2 · 1/100s · ISO 100
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Mike Young's picture

Conjures up images of Joan of arc with wings. Really nice use of props with a very natural and attractive model. I like the lighting which has managed to catch the models skin tones, the armour and the feathers equally well.

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Benoit Pigeon's picture

Reminds me of the Archange st Michel

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Laura Sheridan's picture

Thank you!

Ed Sanford's picture

Is this a portrait or a commercial :) Nice job

Laura Sheridan's picture

This is personal work from my series "Arcadia" but I've been commissioned similar works like this :)

Ed Sanford's picture

I was joking about you citing the manufacturer's of the products you used....

Laura Sheridan's picture

I don't really see the joke but yes I always do, partially since I'm a GenNEXT broncolor ambassador and it solves me a whole lot of answering the same questions over & over again. One time type and copypast is ready to go.

of course I always take time to respond to things like this :)

Douglas Bowker's picture

Very nice pre-Raphaelite vibe you have with this. Interesting that this was the one of first types of photography at the turn of the 20th century as well; ie very painterly and taking on the kinds of subjects.

Laura Sheridan's picture

I've had the pleasure of visiting one of those photographers a few years back, Cameron to be exact. The book I got there is a huge source of inspiration to help me understand how to translate my initial inspiration of paintings into a modern translation of my own mind.

lorenzo emme's picture

great image, love it!!

John Stires's picture

Pose is stellar, great model, excellent shot. The less-than-perfect armor also is 'correct'. Nice work IMHO.