Road Trip by Alon Jacobi
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Road Trip

October 26, 2019
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Alan Brown's picture

Great image Alon - how long did you have to wait for a solitary red car (or did you cleverly park it there?)

Alon Jacobi's picture

Thanks a lot Alan!
actually I didn't even see the red car when i took the shot..
I saw it only when i opened the file in my computer..
This is not a road with many cars at all.. and at the beginning i tried to take an abstract frame
The car was an unexpected bonus!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Beautiful image, Alon! You've composed the elements and their wonderful colours in perfect harmony. You were lucky indeed with the car, especially its being in the perfect position. It adds a tiny highlight punctuating what would indeed have been an excellent abstract.

Do post in Minimalism, Abstract, Experimental as I'm sure many in that Group would love your work, and it would attract more to your portfolio, which I'm really enjoying going through myself right now!