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| Koi Dance |

November 3, 2019

| Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid |

A very special place in Takayama, Japan. The pond full of Kois was worth a shot and trying something different. Capturing their colourful dance made this little spot unique and memorable.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

"Trying something different" worked out really well, Jose Luis! Beautiful image. I like your composition and the mood you evoke. Well done!

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

Thanks for your words Chris :)

Jean Claude Castor's picture

wow...stunning image. the kois movement is so nice !

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

appreciate it Jean, they are so colorful!

Chris Suchocki's picture

Wow! This is truely unique. Fantastic concept and flawless excecution.

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

Glad you think that Christopher 🙌

Kieran Stone's picture

Really love this shot!

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

Glad you do Kieran! Thank you

Danny Tan's picture

Absolutely stunning buddy! One of my favourite

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

Thank you Danny! I do like it too!😊

David Aguilar's picture

Enhorabuena máquina!!! Merecidísimo!

Chris Jablonski's picture

Congrats on Photo of the Day, Jose Luis! Well deserved. Took them a while... ;-)

Paola Padron's picture

my dream come true!!!

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

Oh! Thanks so much Paola😊

Carl Kruse's picture

Love everything happening in this image: the mood, the composition, the colorful dance of the koi set against the peacefully immobile background.

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

Glad you think so Carl, much appreciated 😊

chris bryant's picture

Fab photo, love it.

Daniel Viñé's picture

Había visto alguna foto tuya (como ésta), pero ahora después del directo ya te pongo cara. Enhorabuena, tienes una galería totalmente flipante!!! Son todas la re-leche.

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

Muchos me tirarán los trastos a la cabeza al ver los raws jajaja. Muchas gracias Daniel

Daniel Viñé's picture

Jajaja eso pasa hasta en las mejores familias 🤣