Ankeeta by Alsandair Toms
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This photo is part of a gift shoot I did for my son's preschool teachers. Arriving early on a Saturday I proceeded to turn an overlit classroom into my photo studio using only a pop-up backdrop, a Neewer speedlight, and a silver reflector.

Ankeeta was obviously an "Instagram Personality" wannabe, as she couldn't stop talking about the platform, and how her and her brothers loved to shoot photos.

Throughout the shoot, I found it to actually become irritating that she knew her poses too well......I run a humble portraiture side-hustle, and always strive to really capture one's personality in the image over crafting the perfect photo. While I am happy with this photo, I truly wish I could have captured who she was in-between shutter releases.

55mm · f/14.0 · 1/125s · ISO 200
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