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Another picture of my Ducttape series. With Maria Esau (Instagram: @masha_m.e )

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this deserves some behind the scene!

Thank you! Well I shoot always alone, so I don’t manage to make a making of at the same time but one day perhaps ^^

Very good conceptualization.

Thank you very much!

This could be called "A-Traction" ..... because that is definitely what I am feeling when look at your subject.

Thank you! Well it's a series about crossing leading lines, that's why X at the beginning of all the titles but I really like your comment! :-)


That's a really inappropriate comment. Critique etiquette requires that if something negative is said, then recommendations need to be made as to how the image could be done differently in order to improve on its perceived weaknesses. To just say, "stupid", without any constructive criticism, is not at all helpful. And if what you have to say is not helpful, then you shouldn't say it.

If something makes no sense there's not really much to say more. This photo was made to make a photo. Not to convey anithing. Henceforth, it's stupid

Yes, this photo was made to make a photo; congratulations!

I see a lot of sense in this image. There is quite a bit of sense - and visual value - in the use of leading lines and bilateral symmetry. There is also a strong focal point, which provides a strong visual anchor to the image. And of course the bilateral symmetry is expressed in a very strong, dynamic manner.

You say that this was not made to convey anything. Do you really not think that it was made to convey a sense of bilateral symmetry? Of leading lines? I think that it was made to convey these things, and that it conveys them quite powerfully.

You seem to be basing the sensibility of an image on a very different basis than I do.

What is it that you want to see in an image that would make it "sensible" to you? What do you think an image is supposed to convey?

Perhaps you look beyond the shapes and lines and forms and composition and want to see a subject who is doing something that seems sensible to you? Something that would "make sense" in the context of everyday life, a.k.a. "your reality"? Is that it?

For me, I judge an image's "sensibility" on the composition itself; the balance between dark and light values, the way the symmetry is carried out, by repetition of form, by the presence or absence of a focal point, etc. I'm not interested in seeing a subject doing something that I can relate to ..... that doesn't really have anything to do with artistic or compositional sensibilities.