Van Gogh's Barn by tenay thirty-two
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Van Gogh's Barn

November 29, 2019

Van Gogh's Barn

Van Gogh is one of my absolute favorite artists, and sunflowers are my favorite flower. They are cheerful, but brooding. Friendly and open, but mysterious in their sun-linked movements, I find joy and peace among their thousand face faces.

Every summer I spend months stalking my local sunflower fields; I especially love finding them with barns. They're mainly a filler crop, so farmers' rotate their acreage annually, making perfecting previous composition finds often impossible, but providing more opportunities to discover new ones :). I adore the chase, and have hundreds of google pins to show it!

Since mature sunflowers face away from the setting sun, I have found that headlamps and speedlights (and stepladders lol) are critical for perfect sunflower shots. 1/25 sec f/4 Iso 400 105mm with diffused headlamp on central sunflower.

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