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The winner !

Went for a day out at the Melplash show in Dorset and did my best to try and capture the energy and excitement of the showjumping

55mm · f/13.0 · 1/500s · ISO 1600
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I love the perspective. I'm going to try and duplicate this myself.

Was more luck than planning....I just happened to be standing there when she passed!!!! Haha !

Was more luck than planning !!!!

One of the reasons that I specifically like this shot is, it is not a "traditional" frame or angle. In jumping, the most common shot is for the horse and rider to be coming at you from over the jump.
There are a few good angles that might show the combo in profile over the jump, or at an angle, but always showing nearly the full horse. The shot, being close in, not showing the full horse (or rider), not even showing the jump, does for the mid-air jump what negative space does for a picture in any other circumstance.
The composition of this shot forces the mind to fill in the blanks. it is that feature of this shot that I think makes it unique and interesting. I shoot stuff like this all the time, and when I saw this, it caused me to re-evaluate my own ways of doing things and how I look at such a picture.
Nicely done!

Thanks for your reply Darin,I,m not an experienced photographer by any means and mostly take a shot and then crop until it feels right...For every 20 I take only a couple or even 1 will work !!!!..It's all about feeling with me and looking through your pics I think you,'re probably the same..I see lots of pics on here that are technically fantastic but leave me cold if you know what I mean.....Pet hate is long exposures of waterfalls !!!! Haha ...I just don't get it at all 😁

*Deletes waterfall pics*...


Excellent frame! nice work

Great image, Tony! As othere say, a really unusual angle. "Luck" or not, you reacted to what you saw, and came away with this gem. Most would have totally missed it. There is great energy in it, and as Darin says, what is left out and only implied fires the viewer's imagination. And somehow, you've managed a great composition on the fly. Your images generally show a talent for effective, strong and dynamic compositions.