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Autumn photo of Berlin and the Time Blend Effect | Germany

We noticed that the foreground of the scene doesn’t look attractive. That was a chance to use the Time Blend effect. First, I photographed the background – I captured the sun just before it went down and at the same time when the clouds were amazingly illuminated from the below. Then, half an hour later, I photographed the foreground, by shooting 7 – 8 images. At the end we used the Time Blend effect to combine images of the Storkower Straße in Berlin, taken at a different time, into a single picture.

You can see the final result! How do you like it?

More about this image here: https://sumfinity.com/hdr-photos/germany/berlin/autumn-photo-berlin-time...

32 mm · f/8 · 1/15 · ISO 50
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Smart use of time blending. It really helps fill out the composition and the color of the light streaks really fills out the colors from the sunset. Great image.

Thank you, Chris!