Billion Stars Hotel by Brighilă Alex
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Billion Stars Hotel

December 8, 2019

Human biology teaches us the concrete: hormones like androgen and estrogen influence our emotions and guide the way we perceive the environment around us.
But our heart takes us on the path of discovering the same environment through the mistery of light, dark, and the shades in between.
Light can be magic but so can be the lack of it.
This is what I also discovered that magic night at our billion stars hotel. After a nice sunset at the base of Tre Cime was time to go for this panorama that I knew right above the Locatelli Rifugio which is about 20 minutes walking from Tre Cime. There were lightnings in the back and I was pretty sure that I will witness some nice frames before the girls that I was with got scared and decided to leave back where we were staying. So I missed the rest of the shots there but this is just another reason to come back soon, and this time without the girls. Enjoy!

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My astrophotography is always solo. Not many understand the passion for darkness.

Excellent story to go with a superb image.

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I totally agree! Thank you!

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Outstanding. My mouth is wide open in awe. Thank you for your inspiration!!!!

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Thank you for your appreciation!