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Black Sea Coast Line

This is how sunrise looks on the beautiful Black Sea Coast Line in Bulgaria.
We have this kind of picture in mind since last year when we first got to this place. Searching for the perfect alignment, it showed that by the end of June we should have the sun positioned in this sweet spot on the right "shipwreck" stone. It ended up this way in June this year and the moment of happiness we had to witness was priceless.
Bulgarian Black Sea Coast Line, Earth

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Beautiful picture!

Thank you!

Great composition and beautiful colors.

Thank you!

Congrats. amazing shot. well deserved.

Thank you, indeed! :)

Stunning scene!


absolutely stunning shot!

Thank you!

Fantastic shot, beautiful scene captured with great skill!

Thank you very much!

Beautiful! Would you mind sharing the shot details?

Thanks! Exif is 16mm, ISO50, 3.2s, f/11. It involved bracketing, focus stacking, filters and tripod.

Overcooked sky and the sun is a bit much. Other than that great shot.

Thank you for the honest opinion, I appreciate!

beautiful landscape. Can you share the lens and exposure: Did you focus stack?

Thanks! 16mm, ISO50, 3.2s, f/11 with focus stacking

Stunning. Well worth the patience in planning and waiting.

It surely was, thank you!

"This is how sunrise looks on the beautiful Black Sea Coast Line in Bulgaria."

Definitely not. But still a wonderful composition and piece of Fine Art. I hope to visit there one day.

Thank you! You definitely should :)