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Walt Disney Concert Hall 3

In photographing the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, I was curious about our concept of curves. When illuminated with a certain warmth, whether a palpable warmth from the sun or an intangible warm from within, we find comfort and familiarity in curves, as if they exist to offer us a proverbial hug. There seems to be a certain freedom we experience in the sensual embrace of a curve. But in the second image, I found a deep oppressiveness in colorless curves, almost as if the absence of light and, by extension, warmth, were to leave one feeling trapped in between those same curves that, if illuminated, could feel like an embracing hug. For me, the duality was as tangible as it was breathtaking.

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Hmmm... depending on my mood, the monochrome complexity of shades can be comforting in not over-revving my brain... but still giving me a meaningful experience. Just my philosophical ponderance. It's a fine shot. :)