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Reflections on a 1963 Corvette ragtop

I came across this beautiful vintage classic sitting half in the shadows of a side street in Ocean City, MD during the annual Cruisin' Week get together the city hosts each fall. The textures, colors, shapes and lighting caught my eye and I thought it would work as an abstract composition as well as an automotive work of art.

130mm · f/6.0 · 1/20s · ISO 100
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She's a beauty! I was just reading an article... forget if it was here on Fstoppers... about car photography being a challenge. Your command of the art is evident. :)

I enjoy the intersection of abstract and realism in photography. The ambiguity is fun for my mind.

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Thank you. I have always looked at these vintage beauties as works of art in their own right and used that as a starting point for my photographs of them.

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A fine philosophy. I recently watched the Ford vs. Ferrari movie... it was a beautiful trip through time in seeing auto design pre-assimilation style. :)