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Moody december

December in my hometown has been dark, wet and moody.
First a lot of snow, followed by rain and melting snow.
And so far we have not seen much of the sun.
Good thing it makes up for great conditions for long exposure photography.

In the post-processing I have darkened the scene and worked on the light and mist in the background.
I have also taken down the saturation and added a cold color-tone.

Canon 5D Mark IV
f/10 · 0,3 sec · ISO 640
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ser flott ut stort!!

Tusen takk! Er nok et av de bedre jeg har tatt i Trondheim 😀

Nice job as usual from you, Fredrik! Good to see someone taking DOWN the saturation for a change, and to good effect.

Thanks! Yeah there is enough of over saturated photos out there 😄

Errr.... no. Not just enough. Far, far too many! ;-)

Beautiful shot dude, you got a very nice portfolio wow

Thank you Jabi :)