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The littel hut in front is one of the famous points at this location. With the lake in the middle ground and the mountains in the background is the location very amanzing. The main phototime is the morning with the fog over the lake and the sunset behind the mountain. See my image in my portfolio. But i go out at sunset to take this long exposure to show the other face of this photogenic location.

24mm · f/11.0 · 167s · ISO 100
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Is the building really that crooked? I mean, it looks like it is starting to fall down. Is it really leaning like that, or is it just perspective distortion? It is very distracting, and I think that if the verticals were straightened out, it would result in a much more beautiful photo, because the eye-grabbing distraction wouldn't detract from the otherwise beautiful aesthetic. I just can't get past the leaning building - it is all I can see or think about when I view this image.