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This is Andre. He is a bmx rider and all round great guy. This is a photo I shot of him last year riding in his barn where he built a mini ramp to help get through the long winters in Northern, Ontario.

Tech Specs: Exif Data is all correct. Shot with the 24-105mm

Lighting: Alien Bee 800 on a stand up and behind the subject. Lumopro lp160 on the ground behind the 2x4's on the right which was used to light his face. There was a little to much light that fell on the 2x4's so I brought it down in Lightroom. All and all this was pretty much how it looked out of camera.

Canon 5D Mark II
40mm · f/8.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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So, so good. How did you light this?

Updated the post.

Awesome! I was wondering where the light on his face came from.

Love the composition and lighting. Great shot!

Excellent Shot. I like the skim lighting around his lower body and left arm. Also the sense of motion and stillness is contrasting nicely.

I like the stillness in this image in particular because it is such an unnatural position for a person to be in. I would like to add that this particular trick involves spinning around the bike with the handlebars all the while keeping the front tire in the air and landing back on the bike. Which he did, time and time again.