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Predator & Prey

Predator & Prey - American Kestrel
ISO 400

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This photo is not easy to get, needing lots of patience and timing. Excellent job. Perfect? No, but nearly. Elsewhere on the FStoppers website there is a photo of a raptor tied to a post and it's getting four star votes- really? This is far and away a more difficult shot, better lit and better composed. Congratulations.

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Thanks Gary! I debated posting this photo because I didn’t really care for the fact he’s standing on a nesting box, but I liked everything else. Particularly the predator and prey dynamic. Usually I don’t care to include anything “man made” in my wildlife photos, which sometimes necessitates some creative post processing and a lot of patience in the field. :) Thanks again for taking a moment to leave a comment. I really appreciate the feedback.