The Farmhouse by Angel Saxena
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The Farmhouse

January 1, 2020

My family lives in the city of lakes “Bhopal” in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. 200kms away, I spotted a very beautiful Farmhouse, just been built probably a few months ago. I had my eyes on it, next time I went by it I took a couple of images. Right away I knew I was gonna have to work on it a lot, the house was not in the perfect condition, a lot of object removal required. In the post process, an idea struck my mind, I saw the light pole.

It's taken in India but that's not what's really unique. It actually is shot on a 40° Celcius summer noon with almost an overhead sun lighting the farmhouse from the "top-left". Yes, from the left; as shot, it had a totally different mood. I knew I had to change the whole lighting as well as the shadows that it's casting as soon as I noticed the street lamp. The lamp had to light the subject, but it's not the post-processing that's making it unique; it's the vision I had for this image. This, in particular, turned out to be one of my favorite concepts of all time and I ended up spending 55+ hours to create the visual. It's a Day to Night conversion.

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