One Man Band Composite by Chris Edwards
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One Man Band Composite

January 1, 2020

A composite of four images to create an image in the style of band photos. Each individual image was lit with a single Yongnuo speedlight in a softbox above the subject. The layers were compositied on a black background in Photoshop. A smoke layer was created and added on top.

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Chris Edwards's picture

I'm scratching my head a bit. With just 2 ratings and an average of 1.5, someone rated this a one. Going by the rating guidelines, this is a snapshot that people produce everyday? Do people understand the guidelines? This Is far from a 4 and not a slam dunk for a 3 but using off camera flash, composting images and adding effect layers is far beyond a snapshot.

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I originally thought I rated this a 4 but it showed up as a 2 on my phone. Anyway, I’ve made the correction. I like the creativity, and based on what I’ve seen in comparison, it’s excellent.