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Back is lit

Built a wooden frame and clamped softbox-cloth to it, making it a giant shoot-through double diffusor. Put 2 strip softboxes and a bare bulb behind it.

Deep parabolic softbox as key light, gelled slightly blue so after rebalancing the skintones the highlights turn warm.


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Stellar shot! :)

Thank you Evan!

Honestly, I think the crop works just fine for this particular shot. In fact, I'd even go so far as to say like it, it feels unique!

I just wish the crop was not so awkward.

You mean the feet?

and the angle at which the photo was shot at, my eyes are drawn more towards a certain part of the models anatomy (her buttock) and I don't know if that was the photographers intention. The model is an excellent subject matter.

exceptional 🙌🏻leading lines😊👌🏻✌️

The studio floor is very ugly :(

IMO, if you cropped at the thighs this would be a 4 star. The difference in luminosity from her torso to her legs is why I say that.

Great image 🤙

Rule to live by is always above the knees or elbows. This looks like she's sinking. Also the legs being so dark is why I started using a stripbox for fill.

Beautiful work!

great lighting

When I go outside, the first thing I want people to notice is my butt, sorry I can't get "behind" this. Ooh! Did you see what I did there?

Im old, i know women, this is a good one...