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Royal Beach

January 12, 2020

There are places who totally justify their name. “Playa del Silencio”, or “Silence Beach”, is one of them. Although you can find peace and quiet everywhere in Asturias, this special cove is the ultimate retreat for those looking to get away from the fuss - no restaurants, lifeguards or toilets. Maybe I’m crazy, but the tidal waves going back to the ocean reminded me the shape of an upside down royal crown.

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jabi sanz's picture

Playa del silencio...Amazing shot my friend

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Thank you Jabi 😊

David Garcia's picture

well done bro. i live very close. amazing beach

Lior Akunis's picture

Beautiful country, thank you!

Alan Brown's picture

More like 'Playa Del Superbo' - wonderful image!

Lior Akunis's picture

haha thank you Alan

Alan Brown's picture

Congrats on the POTD - well deserved!

Jeff Walsh's picture

this image is absolutely breath taking. Holy hell, just amazing and well deserved potd

Lior Akunis's picture

Thank you so much Jeff!

Hard to believe it is not a composite, great photo

Lior Akunis's picture

Thanks! Pano, not a composite :)

somebody once told me that the sea is very rough in winter up in asturia (or was it galicia) anyway this shot certainly makes up for some fire. i guess there are not many boats around this time?

Lior Akunis's picture

I don't live there, but I haven't seen any boats around :)

Konstantinos Vampertsis's picture

Beautiful like a painting