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Morning Over the Eastern Sierras

A new image from Alabama Hills with an early morning sunrise that showcases the Eastern Sierra Mountains and the tapestry of textures and colors that exist together in this very unique area.

This image is a panoramic taken at 50mm almost 45 minutes before sunrise. I realized several years ago that the best timeframe to capture aspen glow on the tips of mountain tops was closer to nautical twilight than civil twilight or golden hour. The hard lighting we enjoy seeing with our eyes just before sunrise and immediately after sunset is actually far too bright to capture with you’re camera and have the exposure blend well with any other fill light in the scene. Think of it like balancing the amount of color and the amount of light on a mountain and how to exemplify that balance so one doesn’t out do the other. It’s much easier with less harsh light much earlier before sunrise or much later after sunset.


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