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500mm · f/5.6 · 1/800s · ISO 450
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Hi Skyler...this image is beautiful,it almost has a Japanese feel with the composition and colours...really lovely 😁

Thank you very much . I really appreciate it.

This is stunning.

Thank you. I got lucky two years ago and found a flock of cedar waxing that hang out for a while and allowed me to take some decent shots. Ever since then I see them all the time in winter but they are either to far, not on the right tree etc:(

Truly beautiful series.

I just started my hand at bird shots while out at preserves looking for landscapes and trees to shoot. I seem to always have the wrong lens on when they appear, so I deeply appreciate the patients and timing this line of photography takes. Thus far I managed to capture a Gold Finch, Red House Finch and a Black Crested Titmouse; but nothing quite on this level yet. One day I hope.

I do have the Nikkor 200~500 lens on a crop body, which works extremely well, I just lack timing and opportunity, so far. :)

That was my first birding lens paired w Nikon D500. It is an excellent combination. Since then moved to full frame then switched to Sony.
It takes time to train a steady hand and be able to track birds but you can do it! It is so fun and you have the perfect lens for it