Beautiful Ladybug on dandelion defocused background

90mm · f/10.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Worthy of a wedding.

Your images of insects and other small creatures are utterly captivating, Mustafa! I love how they tell a story. I much prefer your fanciful titles now, as they capture something of the story you obviously see in the images, and give a sense of the artist behind the images. And you're certainly a fine artist. Your compositions are exemplary, this image being no exception. Hope you get more high votes and expand your portfolio. Sorry to see some of your earlier images have gone.

Lovely :)

Amazing ! I love this picture ! Didn't know it was yours until now, I saw it first used by SmallHD brand

Okay, after looking at so many of your images I have to say you are THE best photographer there is for creating macro images.FStoppers needs to take the time to do up an article about you and your technique!

What to say? Just beautiful.