Nikolai Lev4enko's picture

Classy blondy

Canon 5D
85mm · f/4.0 · 1/60s · ISO 250
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Absolutely stunning and love the usage of overhead light!

Thank you, glad you like it

I'm guessing... Beauty dish & grid overhead w/strip soft box & egg crate camera-right??

80cm softbox overhead (turned to camera for white background to be underexposed), two stripboxes 30x90cm as rim light (very low power, barely see on model)

love the style! just wondering did you shoot 18% grey backdrop?

Thanks, and nope it's white but underexposed


Great Lighting and colour grading.

Creative style and she is fit for model .

The model, posing & lighting are excellent. This image is centered directly in the middle of the frame. The eyes are drawn to the center. In my opinion, there is too much negative on both sides of this model. The space detracts from the entire image. Thank you for sharing this image.