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50mm · f/2.2 · 1/100s · ISO 200
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robert bates's picture

Great erotic image, very nice pose, looks like she is thinking of something very pleasurable.

Alejandro Flores's picture

sensual, erotic, it really makes you want to be right there

Deleted Account's picture

Nicely done. It's quite difficult to do sensual that doesn't cross the line into porn. This is an excellent image. Erotic yet not pornographic. Nudity isn't porn, even if the genitalia is clearly shown.

Alexander Raditya's picture

nice tone colour

David Whitaker's picture

Well done!

Fatih Kemahli's picture

This is a beautiful human photographed in a humanly setting, erotic-sensual yes, porn? I just can't say so. Beautiful work? Yes it is so.

Steve Powell's picture

From my understanding, porn is usually dynamic, and is explicit, and is done in away to sexual arouse the viewer. Most still photographs would not be considered porn.

Scott Van DeHey's picture

Nice, flash?

Silviu Gheorghe's picture

I like your editing and concept style. Keep up the good work!

Thurston Munn's picture

Can't imagine anyone not enjoying this photo, showing the female form as it's not often seen.

Deleted Account's picture

Agree with Howling Wolf. I felt the editing was just a bit overworked on the legs... but then, I probably could not do better. Very nice image.