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One of my best images ,Won in more than a site and competition ..
very Glad to post-share in here.
took this amazing photo from Rooftop of Dusit Dubai Marina
using Nikon D810 lens 14/24

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Nice shot although to me it looks like a fake city. To clean and everything new. Not saying anything negative of your photo or this city, just use to old cities that have been around for hundreds of years, old brick buildings rather than towering buildings that look so perfect. Yes I understand the difference in cultures and realize most all the skyscrapers in the UAE are a lot newer than here in America. If I had a chance I would defiantly visit your country.

its futuristic city :)
once u go there , tell me ill guide u
thanks william for likes

Beautiful image, Hanaa, as I expect from you by now.

I echo William's sentiments, though that there is a sterile quality to this scene. It certainly doesn't make me wish I lived there - an interesting geometry but not a place for living creatures. Perhaps reflective of the ultimately unsustainable life of consumption and excess to which so much of the world aspires.

No reflection on the quality of your work though, Hanaa, whose beauty (and I'm a sucker for beauty!) has seduced me - and then made me think. And that's what art can do.

This may seem like an odd tangent, but I look at fine old duellling pistols, marvel at the beauty and craftsmanship, wish I could own a pair - and then I think of why they were made.

I accept all opinions
Here I SHARE my work for the dynamic citylife, urban connoisseurs..
And old-modern architecture of different ages and in our world ..thanks 4 like chris :)