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King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture

King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture .
The building is inspired by the idea of rocks,
to suit the atmosphere of the area..
The center includes a museums, huge unique library, cinema, coffee shops, theater and showrooms.. Built in 2017
Listed in Time Magazine as the top 100 places in the world. Dhahran, KSA
To know more hit the link_

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Feel like howling like a wolf with that moon. This place is so cool, You nailed it with this photo. Awesome Hanaa.

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highly appreciate all ur comments <3

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By the way, I went to the web site and this place is amazing. Not just the architecture but every thing offered. Saudi Arabia spending that oil money in a good way for it's citizens.

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Amazing shot!

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gracie amigo <3

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What a crazy building!

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took me 5 hours to walk around and didnt finished ,, Its inspire from Rocks ,,thanks alot math!

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