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King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture .
this amazing architecture known as - ITHRA
its really huge area .. and lots of spots with amazing views - took me 4 hours to walk around and did'nt finish..

The building is inspired by the idea of rocks,
to suit the atmosphere of the area..
The center includes a museums, huge unique library, cinema, coffee shops, theater and showrooms.. Built in 2017
Listed in Time Magazine as the top 100 places in the world. Dhahran, KSA
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thank u dear Blake

Fantastic architecture!

appreciate it dear katalin

Wow I love this one! Great job 👏

many thanks ali :)

Getting Inspired....Awesome capture, so perfect lighting and mood

truly thanks 4 ur kind Abhishek!

Awesome shot, looks like it's made of wood in places ?

thanks alot marc, The building is inspired by the idea of rocks, to suit the atmosphere of the area..

Congratulations my friend

truly thanks ahmed

The light and post production is so perfect it almost makes it look like an architectural model

indeed its very futuristic design by Belgium company..glad u like thank u so much

As you read the the responses down the right (in my case) side of the screen, take notice of this photo in your peripheral vision without actually looking at the photo; it has a very strong resemblance to the Easter Island rock images.
A really clever piece of architecture.
I like the photo too.

thank u for ur feedback glad u think so :)

thank u wil .. In photography, whatever we try to convey our vision and view of the scene, as it is, it will actually reach 50-60 percent, not 100 percent.

Congrats on your notable achievement - well deserved!

dear Alan much appreciate it

this is such a fantastic shot!! if I wouldn't know any better I would think it's out of a computer game. I like the CGI-look of it. very very nice!!

hi Edgar indeed its epic ,, ill post another soon, stay tuned and appreciate ur comment

That looks amazing! I wonder how did you achived that sky efect - photoshop or long exposure + nd?

Hi Jiri thank u so much ,Actually, the exposure does exist, but i increased its focus in Photoshop by graduate in camera raw