This male kingfisher is around the house for about 5 months now. He's in love with a female and courtship is going on right now. When he comes at the fishing spot I can already hear him tsjirping, then he is quiet, concentrating on the fish beneath him. Within a second he's back at his post, when his catch was succesful, he tsjirps a couple of time, like he's celebrating his catch. For me a dream come true after 30 years to be able to be a part of their life.

330mm · f/6.3 · 1/4000s · ISO 1600
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Danijel Turnšek's picture

Congrats man! Im a little jealous that you have them in your backyard hahaha :P

Corné van Oosterhout's picture

Thanks! But I searched for a house near the water for a long time, finally it pays of :-)

Danijel Turnšek's picture

Yeah i know, i read that before :D Good luck man! :D