Quarantine Chronicles: The boy by Denis Yankin
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Quarantine Chronicles: The boy

April 2, 2020

Quarantine Fashion Winter/Spring 2020

35mm · f/2.2 · 1/200 · ISO 100
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"The Boy" looks like a test shot made in the middle of working out lighting positions and exposures. Also found people aren't fans of hard light crossing creating unnecessary patterns as seen on the subject's body. I don't believe every photograph requires a "story" but I cannot see how the coat makes sense in your stated theme. I feel removing it or him wearing a thin fabric shirt would show a bit of vulnerability and allow you to keep the hard light.

"The House Call" is much better in my opinion. The environment is sterile, the perspective shows an invasion of personal space. The subject appears alien and you cannot discern its intent beyond being calculated.

Btw, I don't rate photos 1 or 2-stars. It's more constructive to leave comments. (Wrote this at your request in a competition thread.)

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Thanks! Appreciate the feedback!
I totally see your point about the story. Haha :) I was actually more excited about the texture and the way it looks in the photo :) Also gives a bit of a "Mad Max" vide but then mask should be different and grungy :)
Alright, alright, very valid point :)