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snowy weather

a little guy just laying and enyoing the weather...or not... was clear sky just 5 min before this picture was taken! did change soooo fast...

200mm · f/2.8 · 1/1000s · ISO 400
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Annelin Hoff's picture

bra bilde, skulle tro ekornet har høydeskrekk på bildet ;)

Bjørn - Audun Myhre's picture

takker.. haha ja det har du litt rett i :D

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Bjørn - Audun Myhre's picture

thanks :D

m k's picture

dont mean to nitpick, but thats a squirrel and not a chipmunk
still great capture

Bjørn - Audun Myhre's picture

ehh... you maby right there.... :D thanks man :D

mark connelly's picture

Squirrels are great once you get to know them.


Tom Reichner's picture

I really love this image! The background is really quite interesting, and worth a few minutes of close study. Of course the out of focus forest and falling snow creates an ethereal mood, but in addition to that, there is some interesting geometry going on, with the shapes created by the out-of-focus branches and twigs.

Just one nit-pick ..... that snowflake right in front of the squirrel's eye - it has to go! Very distracting. Otherwise I love everything about this.