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Laundry Day

May 6, 2020

Shot in the laundry room of my apartment with 2 x Godox AD200. One in the washer, pointed to the back and the other in the room next to the laundry with the door half shut to get the hard edge on the light.

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Great concept! Should I fear laundry now?

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Thank you! Doing laundry can be pretty scary. That's why I sent my model to collect it.

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I have 4 kids it's my worst nightmare, great edit! Do you happen to have any tutorials?

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Thanks! Don't have any tutorials, sorry. Most of the work for this was done in Photoshop. For example the original glow from the washer was pretty ugly so I had to spent some time to get that light to look kind of "magical". Overall toning of the image was finished in Photoshop as well. I also changed the overexposed window at the top, added some texture to the windows and the cracks so I had to get rid of some of the reflections on the surfaces.

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NIce job man I would definitely like to learn some of these higher level techniques.

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Waiting for the dishwasher version. Great job

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Thank you!

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Very nice work.

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Thank's a lot!

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Great idea and execution. Love the tones

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Is this for a sci fi genre?

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I was thinking more of "mystery" when I shot this. So no aliens :)

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Great storytelling picture! I like the colors and set up. Cool!

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Thank you!

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Fine pose. Love the blue tones on the body. Quite the mystery of the laundry machine but she has it all under control.

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Thanks! The story might continue in the future.

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Hi, can I ask what gave you the idea?

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I moved in to a new apartment which had this laundry room. It was also highest peak of COVID19 here in Finland so I couldn't really organize any shoots at the time. We were doing some laundry and the space itself just made me to think something like this. Took quick demo shot of the room with my girlfriend and came down the next day to shoot this with some lights.

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I hate doing my chorse as well