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Nicole X

Sculpting Light. This shot was completely experimental in regards to light placement. I shot this with a 3 light set up, 2 small strip boxes at a 45 degree angle behind her right and left and1 light behind her facing the black back drop. Varied the power settings on each light until the balance looked right. Finished the shot off in Lightroom. Simple shot but I was happy with the out come.

50mm · f/13.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Bring the highlight a bit more forward on her face

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The Intention of this shot was to contour the light so that her face was hidden creating a very moody look and feel.

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More of the shape of her face would be seen, and her nose wouldn't be so much brighter than her cheeks if you move the light forward on her face a bit. Try it!

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The other person that comment doesn't get that your the artist and I see what your vision is. It's amazing!
Though I wonder what the image would look like with her face lit up. The posing really makes you want to look at her face but then you get there and nothing.. I love it though!

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Beautiful lighting...adds an anonymity to the picture.

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Excellent photo!

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Love this, it really makes me want to pick up my charcoal and start sketching.

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Love it !!!

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Killer shot!!!! Beautiful lighting i love the triangles of the compositing so much equilibrium,

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An experiment gone great . . . .lovely sculpted dramatic drawing. I judged it as world class because this can be used in international advertising and look right at home.

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Outstanding concept and pose