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The Fern

This confinement and not being able to travel or leave my own province is helping me to find incredible and undiscovered locations not far from my home. Places that are not popular but they are really photogenic and beautiful. Also it's a great satisfaction as a photographer to find these places

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Menuda Luz Jabi !!!!

Gracias amigo, feliz de que te guste. Un saludo

Fotón como un piano amigo! Es fantástica

Gracias bro, me alegra mucho que te guste

una compo acojonante tio!

Gracias Richard, feliz de que te guste. Un saludo

Brutal bro!!! 👏

Muchas gracias crack

Great composition, great mood, compliments Jabi!

Thank you so much Michele

Una compo bruta Jabi!

Gracias Jose. Un abrazo

Muy guapa la compo y edicion Jabi!!

Muchisimas gracias bro

se pasa tio

Gracias Unai