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Athabasca Falls, Canada

Hi friends. You all know I took a break from a social media lately. I was in a three weeks road trip on the Southwest USA.

An amazing photo tour with my family, my wife and my little one 6 months old. It's was an amazing experience a bit challenged with the baby but really awesome trip.

Well this trip really make me think. Three weeks is a long time to be away from social media, really make me double think my purpose here. Specially from all the changes on IG is doing lately. So I decide to give a try to Vero app. So far i love it.

I was already more quite lately and I have a lot of old work to show you but I decide to show case my lasted work first in my website. I will start to release a new series soon. You will be the first to know when the new series are released. This image is part of one of that series.

Check out my web now www.jabisanzphotography.com

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