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Black and white portrait of my friend @danieldecotphoto, actor, photographer and director

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Dan Ostergren's picture

Exquisite portrait. Really well done.

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Thank you Dan

David La Roche's picture

this is a great character portrait

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Thank you David

Charles Wolf's picture

great portrait!

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Thank you Charles

robin waslander's picture

amazing !! love it :)

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Thank you Robin

John Ellingson's picture

What fun!

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Thank you John

Ed Sanford's picture

This one of the better portraits I've seen lately. So much is captured here. He could be a sly detective, a problem solver, a professor, or a surly devious evil doer.

Jay R.'s picture

What a fantastic model. Great expression. You captured him well.

Deleted Account's picture

Really like it but would have tried to reduce the lighting, a bit, on his right cheek or "burn" it in post.

Corinne Anderson's picture

So well done!

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amazing portrait.

Jose Gerardo Palma Duran's picture

This is fantastic, really well executed.

Jens Sieckmann's picture

A Mastermind or magician, great!

Mark Bucher's picture

This is a great capture. Love the contrast

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this man needs to play don Quixote in a play, stat!

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He's an actor and a director.