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loft room by Budych

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Striking image. Pretty model. Well done!

Background is brighter than subject, Especially the 'floating' bulbs that are effectively blown out.

The subject needs to be rotated a bit to show more of her curves. She is thin & the way it is positioned leaves her curves disappearing into iw_ere they are just not noticed.

The right side of her face, sweater, her mid-riff, & upper right leg are all under too much in shadow.

But other than that, you love it?

That's a lot of criticism coming from a guy with zero pictures in his profile and zero portraits on his 500px account.

I really like the shot. Color temp is perfect for this. I think the model is beautiful, and her positioning is great. My only nitpick would be the position of her left foot. Right foot is graceful and clean in it's lines, the left foot needs the toes to be straighter or at least more of a line.

Otherwise, great job, nice background, beautiful model, nice light and good processing.


Wouldn't change a thing. I like hot spots in BG,
also the delicate back/rim light is perfect.

love this.

Really nice photo but what is it with that barely open, pouty mouth look? That is SO annoying.

I really like the image but one thing keeps drawing my attention away. The toes on her left foot should be positioned like the toes on her right foot. The way they are now kind of looks like a couple toes are broken or positioned really weird. I know it's trivial but I keep coming right back to those toes.

I love the use of the bulbs.

A fantastic image of a beautiful model,never mind the shadows or the blown highlights

Why this is working is the combination of warm reality environment and the elements of gracefulness with a hint of discord in for example the foot. Ordinarily rules would call for things like bokeh walls but it is exactly the oposite that makes this so interesting. Rather than picking out components, the overall creates a roaming delight for the eyes thankfully fresh from the boring mundain.