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jabi sanz's picture

Fantastic shot is very beautiful

Alexandre Marques's picture

Thanks Jabi ;)

Navid Qureshi's picture

beautiful profile.

Alexandre Marques's picture

Thank you! ;)

Jake VanderHoeven's picture

Love this shot! You’ve captured the beautiful majesty of this horse.

Alexandre Marques's picture

Thanks a lot Jake. I really appreciate ;)

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Paola Padron's picture

such a beauty!

Eddie Johnson's picture

awesome sir, only thing I would change is photoshop the brand on the horse unless it's key for the image. Everything looked so buttery smooth and my eye is drawn to the branding. my 2 cents, but awesome nonetheless.

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Stephen Clough's picture

Simply superb!!!

Paul Asselin's picture

Beautiful animal and beautiful shot. The capture of the white to grey to black tones is wonderful.

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