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Emily Moore's picture

I love the lighting and the use of shapes. Awesome!

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Thank you Emily! :)

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Thank you Barbara! :)

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Nice shot, I enjoyed looking at it

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This is the image that every non-dancer photographer immediately tries to get when they first get to play with dancers.
So I was a little disappointed to learn Janos was a dancer as well.
His other creations are great, using dancers' lines and musculature to great effect.
Its not that this photo is badly done, just that it is so often done.

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This image was made especially for the client's request. She is a 15 year old ballerina and she wanted to have a photo of her like this, as many other young dancers. If you saw this pose many times it could mean that it works. :)

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As a cameraman we have to excuse you, but when I see a dancer wanting to copy a pose they have seen before I immediately try to get them to modify it a little. Not only for my benefit but theirs.
For example, in 2013 I was helping cast dancers for a film in London. Having lived in London previously I knew the environment. We were looking for classical dancers (as opposed to commercial or overly modern dancers) All the commercial and classical dancers worth a second look had their graduation photos done by Bill Cooper. He has had London dance monopolised for decades. The problem being that he would instruct the dancers to do all the same poses, jumps, off balance leans. So much so that I could put a dancer into their year of graduation by their photos, but since they all had the same photos, they all looked the same. It made the auditions difficult.
Having photos included in ones CV is an attempt to make one stand out. Doing "what everyone else is doing" is the worst thing to follow.

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Get over yourself….