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Sunset at Zumaia, Spain. Flysch is a sequence of sedimentary rock layers that progress from deep-water and turbidity flow deposits to shallow-water shales and sandstones. It is deposited when a deep basin forms rapidly on the continental side of a mountain building episode. Examples are found near the North American Cordillera, the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Carpathians. Flysch consists of repeated sedimentary cycles with upwards fining of the sediments. There are sometimes coarse conglomerates or breccias at the bottom of each cycle, which gradually evolve upwards into sandstone and shale/mudstone.

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pedazo colores crack!!vaya burrada!

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Gracias amigo me alegra que te guste

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Envidia de ese atardecer ..al final tuvisteis una tarde brutal tío!!!

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Si tio fue genial, todo el atardecer y la compañía. Una pena que no pudieras venir

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Fotón amigo! Vaya cielaco pillásteis!

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Gracias bro

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Beautiful capture!

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Thank you so much Gregory

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amazing scene!!!!

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So glad you like it thanks a lot

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Que pasada de tonos Jabi!

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Thanks a lot mate

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Como mola Jabi! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Me alegra que te guste amigo, gracias

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una pasada esos tonos! muy guapa crack!!!

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Gracias fenomeno

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Una maravilla Jabi, me encanta ver lo que sois capaces de hacer los pros en zonas que conozco bien! bravo tio

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los pros dice jajja a ver si subo las otras que hice. Esta me gusto pero tengo alguna otra que me mola mas. Un saludo y gracias

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Lo tiene todo amigo! Fotón!

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Pure class work as always!

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Beautiful. Love those smooth tones you've captured in there. Keep up the good work. :)

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Thank you so much and appreciate your support