Face of the race by John Bowden
John Bowden's picture

Face of the race

July 17, 2020

Milaca Mega Meet (the world's largest high school cross country meet - Milaca, Mn Sep 2019)
Nikon D3S
Nikkor 80 - 200mm F/2.8

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chinmay.ninja ­'s picture

Whoa, love the intensity in there!

Hanaa Turkistani's picture

hunger to win .. luv it

Mark Robert's picture

moment shot

Dan Grayum's picture

when you gotta go you gotta go!

El Dooderino's picture

My step-daughter once remarked, while running cross-country, that you never see a happy runner.

Nice pic!

eliot graeme's picture

that blonde gal in the bokeh is like "daaaaaayum... that boy is intense!" :D great shot!

David Basden's picture

Talk about an image that stands out. Great job!