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The New World


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I absolutely love the lighting on the subject. And that's the best looking hair I have seen in ages!

Awesome model, awesome HMU artist, awesome venue, awesome photographer ....... what could possibly be better?!

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Thanks Tom, that means a lot!

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Very cool. I don't often chime in on these kinds of fashion images. But you did an extraordinary job.

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Thanks Chase!

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A simply wonderful image - strong work!

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Thanks Glenn!

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Superb craftwork

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Thanks Robert!

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Great Image! Curious, is the location Scarborough Bluffs?

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Yup, 4 days right after a part of it collapsed! Thank god we didn't go down along with it!

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That hair!!!!
That awesome awesome hair!!!
Beautiful lighting and composition.

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She looks incredible here, the hair is devastatingly gorgeous and the sandals rock!

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Thanks for the kind words George!

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Am I the only one that thinks her tongue out looks off?

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It's exactly where it's supposed to be my friend!

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David Stephen Kalonick asked,

"Am I the only one that thinks her tongue out looks off?"

David, I love the way her tongs is positioned in this image!

The fact that the very tip is visible is like the sexiest thing ever, and sexiness is what I value most int his type of imagery.

I am sure that the photographer took dozens of very similar images, but I think that he absolutely nailed it by selecting this particular image to post, because of that little bit of protruding tongue!

David Stephen Kalonick's picture

Really? I think it looks silly.