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A picture I had in mind for about a year ago. This year, right after the confinement I decided to go there with my colleagues, without them this would not have been possible. The photo has its challenge. There are 9 photos of almost 4 minutes each for the car trails, another photo for the foreground and another for the sky. While one was driving the car up and down the others were clicking. All this with a synchronization through the phone hahaha was very funny.

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Que pasada Jabi! Currazo del bueno!!

Estuvo divertida la tarde jejeje gracias bro

Tremenda Crack!!!

Gracias colega

Wow, that's stunning! Congrats

Thanks bro glad you like it

So stunning ! Great Work Jabi as usual

Thank you so much buddy, appreciate your comment

I know this place. I stood at the same spot. Event with rather bad weather that day the view was spectacular. Even more interesting are the magnificent forests in that area.

Great capture!

Thanks Gregory