Drink.Eat.Relax by Pedro Blanco
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A nice glass of cold Budweiser beer in a tasting glass. I noticed how the head accentuated the script on the glass and I decided to try and capture it in a photo one day. Today was that day, I think it worked out! Please let me know what you think. Thanks.

20mm · f/8.0 · 1/100s · ISO 100
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Hi Pedro, since you asked for some feedback, I hope I can help somewhat. There are a few points you should take notice, the main one is the beer, halfway down is fading to black, and your background is so heavy that nothing is giving details to the liquid, except for the bubbles, which I like, personally. Another thing is, you shot this tall object in landscape mode, this gave you a lot of negative space on both sides that don't help your main subject, unless it is a lonely beer, but your script is so upbeat that I find this message a bit conflicting. I understand that you wanted to create enough contrast to make the text readable with the foam, but now you have a half full glass, which is not ideal. My suggestion would be to capture the beer mid pour, that would justify the foam height and create more of those bubbles in the beer body. But the beer is still black, you could solve this with a gold/silver card behind to reflect some light through the beer, and take out the card in post. One last thing regarding your lighting, while it is perfectly good, you have these lines running along the length of the glass that both are interrupted when reaching the thiner part of the glass, and appear again at the bottom. You also have a reflection of the glass border on the inside wall, not very appealing imo. You could correct both of these just by lowering your point of view, almost to the level of the glass foot. There are other things you could do to make it more "commercial", you should checkout some of Rob Grimm's videos out there, he is great for this kind of photography. Sorry for the long post, hope I could help.

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Finally - a comment! Wow; thanks for all that information Carlos. I will definitely use your criticism for these types of shot shots in the future. I will be trying again in the future. What are you opinions on condensation/ no condensation on the glass for this photo? It's a comment someone posted elsewhere.

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My pleasure Pedro. Regarding the condensation, there are two things to consider, the type of beer, and commercial appeal. Many beers are served room temperature, so those will have no condensation. For all others, I choose the pragmatic approach, the look of a cool, cold beer is more appealing to the public than a glass with no condensation. Also the way to serve a cold beer is to frost a glass before serving, so even empty the glass already has condensation on it, all around it, not only at the beer/foam line (I've also seen discussion on this point on other sites). Let us see your next effort, I'm very curious to see the result.