Another trip to the deer rut and they only roar from the bushes, but other residents are more bold.

The fox is a unique representative of the Canidae family. Beginning with the number of nipples, through the retractable claws to vertical pupils - all this in theory makes him closer to cats than wolfs.

Our meeting this morning lasted about ten minutes. He emerged from behind the bushes when I was going to sit down, so he found me half unprepared. The first few minutes passed by me moving a few centimeters, him looking towards me, a few seconds of pause, him looking away... and so on, dozens of times before I could comfortably watch, photograph and record him.

I feel this isn't our last meeting.

📷 Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
September 2020
© 2020 Marcin Świostek

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nice shot Marcin

Thank you!