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I'm Green

September 24, 2020

Prayer mantis

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Gregory Thanos's picture

Beautiful picture!

Luis Santos's picture

Nice photo! What lens do you use? I took some pictures of mantis last month, but since I don't have any macro lenses they were not so good. I shoot with a Pentax DA 18-250mm

Tiago Marques's picture

Boas Luis! Eu uso a sigma 105mm

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Hey Tiago ! Nice shot ! Beautiful color and interesting composition ! There is like a double triangle with the leaf and the mantis head :)

Tiago Marques's picture

Thanks Thomas! Awesome observation, my idea was just framed the mantis with the leafs, I didn't think about that detail!

Thomas De Franzoni's picture

Congrats, very nice shot!

Tiago Marques's picture

Thank you so much Thomas!

Roger Hølmen's picture

Very very nice!