Tre cime di Lavaredo by Markus van Hauten
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Tre cime di Lavaredo

September 26, 2020

Back from the Dolomites..
Here is a shot taken at Tre cime di Lavaredo in the italian Dolomites. The light situation was only there for about 4 minutes, after that I was surrounded by fog. So was lucky to get this shot.

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Camille Girard's picture

I love this so much, you never know what lighting you're gonna get!

Markus van Hauten's picture

Thank you so much

jabi sanz's picture

Really awesome shot Markus, the light and atmosphere are epic

Markus van Hauten's picture

Thank you so much, Jabi!

Gregory Thanos's picture

Great atmosphere!

Markus van Hauten's picture

Thank you

joseph cole's picture

such a great image Markus... well done!!

Markus van Hauten's picture

Thanks my friend

Wlliam Hunter's picture

Another beautifully-done photograph, Markus! Perfect timing, and knowing your subject well, in advance. Thank you again for sharing your mastery of light with us!

Markus van Hauten's picture

I feld very honoured, thank you!