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Abstract Falls

A bit of a minimalist/abstract composition from a waterfall in Glacier National Park as viewed from above. This shot was actually quite difficult to get and required hanging my camera on its tripod over the edge of a small cliff, but I do really like the finished product.

As much as I love grand landscape photography I've been liking these minimalist compositions lately. They seem more interesting as art pieces and there's so much room to do something new rather than to take the same picture everyone else has.

nikon d750
70 mm · f/13 · 1/5 sec · ISO 100
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Thanks so much, glad you like it!

Trevor, very cool image you’ve brought out of this deep dark ravine. A little unconventional and out of the box but I feel it works. Nice mix of flowing water and solid rock both as subjects and textures. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the of the compositional principle of the three subjects in successful images. I noticed in your image here the water divides the rock into three sections.
The water and stone give lots of strength on different levels. I like how the water is flowing from right to left, the other is with the water entering the frame upper right and just short of center frame it plunges vertically and pauses in the pool briefly and another vertical fall before exiting the frame. But the viewer’s eye come back into the photo via the rocks either at the bottom or upper right corner.
As photographers lots of times with all this stuff going on I don’t think we are aware of how it all works. But on a subconscious level our brains tell us it’s satisfying and working on a visual level.
Here you picked up on it and pardon the pun … you went with the flow. Great image, great job Trevor.