Denis L.'s picture


Playing with artificial ray of light in the studio with Samantha (@sam.eleftheria) as model.

Nikon D810 + Sigma 105mm 1.4
Main light: Pixapro Snoot Porjector
Ambient light: 180x120 softbox

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Looks really nice. How do you get the 'lines' to stay so sharp? I feel like when I do this with flash, it tends to spread, even a bit when using barn doors or something similar.

I use a Pixapro snoot projector.

Thanks for the reply, I'll look into it!

That's a superb image.
I love it.

Anyway, the shadow line cuts the eye on the right. I find it disturbing. I would love to have this eye in the shadow - or in the light - not in the middle of the line.

Again. A great image!!
Well done denis lomme !

Thank you.